Roger Watling
Video Editor
Since 2008 I have been working for TVT, first on the BBC Worldwide contract then moved on to UKTV when TVT won the contract. Below is a snippet of my work before TVT.
Documentary & Drama
Engineering the World Rally The Gamma Project 6 x 45 mins + snap ins Discovery Symphony Online / Grade
The Salzburg Festival Isolde Films 1 x 204 mins Worldwide/DVD Online / Grade
Margot Isolde Films 1 x 56 mins Worldwide/DVD Online / Grade
The Adventures of Benjamin Shmid Isolde Films 1 x 107 mins Worldwide/DVD Online / Grade
Ivry Gitlis and the Great Tradition Isolde Films 1 x 120 mins Worldwide/DVD Online / Grade
John Osbourne & The Gift of Friendship Isolde Films 1 x 140 mins Worldwide/DVD Online / Grade
Malcolm Arnold
Towards the Unknown Region
Isolde Films 2 x 60 mins
1 x 140 mins
South Bank Show
Online / Grade
Jonny Wilkinson 'The Real Story' Clear Channel 1 x 60 mins ITV 1 (UK version) Online
Temple of the Tigers Barron Productions 1 x 60 mins Animal Planet Online / Grade
Curing the Uncurable Boa 1 x 60 mins C4 Online / Grade
Baring All Ricochet South 1 x 75 mins C4 Online / Grade
Changing Sex Ricochet South 6 x 30 mins C4 Online / Grade
Sounds of Paradise Open University 1 x 60 mins Open University Online / Grade
Last Serious Thing Serious Pictures 1 x 90 mins World Online / Grade
Mixed Love Ricochet South 1 x 60 mins C4 Online / Grade
Empire of the Censors BBC / Barraclough Carey 2 x 60 mins BBC Online / Grade
Umbrage U K Arts Council 1x 14 mins C4 Online / Grade
SALAAM BUTETOWN Vanson Wardle Prods 1 x 90 Mins C4 Online / Grade
The BIRMINGHAM WIVES Vanson Wardle 1 x 40 Mins BBC Online / Grade
Outrider Films 1 x 12 Mins Online / Grade
Light Entertainment
Save Lullingstone Castle 6 x 28 mins BBC2 Symphony
ITV at the Movies Fuji International 12 x 30 mins ITV Online
The River Cottage Treatment 3 x 60 Mins C4 Symphony
Online / Grade
River Cottage Road Trips 1 & 2 2 x 60 mins C4 Online / Grade
View From River Cottage 7 x 30 mins C4 Online / Grade
Beyond River Cottage 9 x 30, 1 x 60 mins C4 Online / Grade
Tales from River Cottage 10 x 30 mins C4 Online / Grade
2DTV Series 1 to 5 Triffic Films 7 x 30 mins per series ITV Online
I Am Not An Animal Baby Cow 6 x 30 mins BBC Online
TV Mail Endemol 30 x 30 mins BBC1 Captions/Graphics
More Sex Tips for Girls Ricochet South 6 x 30 mins C4 Online / Grade
Sex Tips for Girls Ricochet South 6 x 30 mins C4 Online / Grade
Lesbian Love Stories 6 x 30 mins C4 Online / Grade
No Going Back Ricochet Films 5 x 60 mins C4 Online / Grade
Gordon Ramsay's Passion For Flavour Blackbird Productions Series The Food Channem Online/Titles
Change That BBC Weekly BBC Online
Take That Doco for DVD Metropolis Productions 1 x 35 mins DVD Symphony
White Stripes
'Under Blackpool Lights'
M Productions 1 x 90 mins Cinema Online
ITV at the Festivals Fuji International 8 x 60 mins ITV Online
Disney in Concert Cheese Films 8 x 4 min VT's BBC2/Worldwide Online
Reading Festival Fuji TV 10 x 1 hour ITV1 & 2 Online
Inspiral Carpets ' Live' Mute Records 1 x 90 mins DVD Online / Grade
Lesley Garret 'Desert Dreams' BBC Wales 1 x 60 mins BBC2 Online
David Gray 'Live' Fishpot Productions 1 x 52 mins DVD Grading
The Brits are Coming 2003 Brits TV 6 x 30 mins Carlton Captions & Graphics
Led Zeppelin 'The DVD' M Productions 1 x 450 mins DVD Online / Grading
Fuji at the Festivals Fuji TV 15 x 60 mins ITV Online
The Brits are Coming 2002 Brits TV 4 x 30 mins Carlton Captions & Graphics
Trevor Nelson's 'Urban Choice' BBC 6 x 30 mins BBC2 / Choice Online
Opera Babes Higpnosis 1 x 30 mins World TV Online / Grade
Pop Idols 19 Television 1 x 120 mins DVD Online
James' Getting Away with it Live' Done & Dusted 1 x 180 mins DVD Online
Judas Priest 'Demolition Tour' Hipgnosis 1 x 90, 60 mins DVD/World Online
Bjork 'At the Royal Opera House' Initial TV 2 x 90 mins DVD/ BBC 4 Online
Dianna Krall Eagle Rock 1 x 90,60 mins DVD/Canal Plus Online
Stereophonics 'A Day at the Races' Black Pig 1 x 180, 90 mins DVD/ BBC 2 Online
Texas 'Texas Paris' Done & Dusted 1 x 120, 90, 60 mins C4/World/DVD Online
The ITV Chart Show Video Visuals Weekly 1 hour ITV Online
Lib Dem Party Political Broadcast Parlophone Conference Am Ex
British Telecom British Aerospace British Gas
British Airways British Tourist Board Canadian Tourist board
Irish Tourist Board Milk Marketing Board Mercury phones
BMW Lotus Whitbread
(Brian Robbins of Wheelbase Films)
(Brian Robbins of Wheelbase Films)
(Brian Robbins of Wheelbase Films)
Shell BP Total
Texaco Sealink Conoco
Selfridges Pan Am Stena
Interlink Parceline Lilt
DfEE Coca Cola Pepsi
Reuters Dulux Rexam
Yellow Pages Bacardi World Speedway Championship
Tetleys Rugby Fortis Anderson Consulting
Toyota Zanusi (very early interactive job) Chubb Fire
Aston Martin
(Brian Robbins of Wheelbase Films)
Sell Through
Metal Xs Body Shopping The Fast Bike Magazine Series
How to Go Racing Face on Mars What Happened on the Moon
Body & Soul Fangio
(Brian Robbins of Wheelbase Films)
Brookmans Tomorrow
(Brian Robbins of Wheelbase Films) **
Kill something I'm Hungry (animal rights) Food without Fear Pirelli
(Brian Robbins of Wheelbase Films)**
** I was lucky to have worked on some of the late great Brian Robbins films, I'm not sure what eventually happened to his library of great footage. He was a real task master, we would put together a 20 to 30 programme straight to online in a day checkerboarding the sound tracks. He would buzz through the tape at the end and write the VO and finish the sound the next. Great discipline but wow betide you of the tapes were idle for more than 2 seconds. He said that it was his BBC motor sport training. Sadly I also worked on his last film and had to make the client changes (wouldn't have been allowed if he was there) I could almost hear "HMMMM Roger Dear boy, don't listen to them". I just felt that there should be more written about this great Producer/Director and wouldn't want him to be forgotten about.
Brand New Heavies Cardiacs Napalm Death
Swimming the Nile Nena Hagen George McCrae
Tiger Tails The Levellers EMT
  Philip English
Send them home Sweatin'
BBC 40 Minutes The South Bank Show Ross's BBQ Party
Time Team Can't Cook Won't Cook Joan Collins Secrets
Gordon Ramsay's Passion For Flavour Blood, Sweat & Fears The Wild Bunch
Bite Sized Quick Cooks Crazy about Cheese
Chocolate Covered National Lottery Gadget Inspector
Moving Pictures How Low Can You Go The Late Show
Making Advances Law Counts Health & Saftey Foods
Soul by the Sea Ride On The Fame & Shame of Salvador Dali
The Spooks Of Bottle Bay Tony Tobins Spice World BBC Everyman
History Guild Baines & Ernst Claims Direct
Help the Aged Chronograph Watches Direct Express
Meccano X files The London Collection
Time Life (too many to list here) Schroders Solid Gold Soul
Covershot Century of warfare World of the Supernatural
Viglen Computers Dolphin Bathrooms History of Rock & Roll
Sharps Fitted Bedrooms Eastern Daily Press Barclay Card
Cornhill Kays Catalogue Air War
Greenpeace Satellite Times Cornhill Direct
Admiral Insurance Wedgwood JVC
Slendertone Oreck Moben Bedrooms
Britannia Andrea Bocelli Churchill Stair Lifts
Battle for the Skies (mostly with Space City Productions)
2008 - TVT in Chiswick
2007 - 2008 Freelance, mainly compliance editing
Edit Video
2001 - 2007
At Edit Video I ran the linear on-line suite and from early 2006 Avid Symphony.
The Plaza Suite
As senior editor I worked in all the Plaza's on-line suites which included digital linear and Soft Image (Avid) |DS, as well as designing and supervising the installation of the DS and the Discreet Logic* Edit suites.
As AKA's senior editor I worked across the whole range of programme editing, as well as designing and consulting during the installing their component on-line suite.
TP Video
Video tape editor working on a range of programming in multi-format linear on-line suite.
Video Concept
Off-line editor
Samuelson Film Services
Camera operator, video assist operator, video projectionist, VT technician, video editor and live event technician / operator. (You had to be able to turn your hand to everything . . . happy days)
Samuelson Film Services
Back in the Sammys Era, I did video assist on hundreds of commercials with the great Lester Bookbinder, Bob Cramp etc. I also worked on Superman 1, Some of the Pink Panthers, Alien 1 The Last Remake of Beau Geste (with the late great Marty Feldman) to name but a few
Prior to this I left school at 15 to work in Curry's service and repair department then Spectra Television rentals before getting my break into film and Television
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